3D printed

3D printing of lettering and company logos

We produce your 3D letters and logos quickly and economically. Upload an image of your logo or lettering and we will contact you within 24 hours to make you an offer.

Example price for individual production

20.00 €

The cost of a 20 cm letter is about 20 euros. We would be pleased to make you an individual offer for your company logo or your desired text.

Make a lasting impression on your company's brand with one of the following application areas

Customer loyalty is one of the most important marketing instruments. Whether in your town, city or worldwide, customers are more likely to buy products from brands they recognize. Advertising systems such as illuminated advertising, 3D lettering and company logos in every conceivable form are ideal for creating a lasting presence for your company. Especially regionally and at trade fairs, the use of illuminated and non-illuminated lettering is an important part of building and maintaining a brand.

Company logos

Illuminated advertising inside or outside attracts attention, that’s for sure! Passers-by and customers recognize your company and find their way around immediately. LED letters are the right choice for this purpose, they have a low energy consumption and can easily be recognized day and night due to their powerful luminosity.

Exhibition booths

You want interested parties to see your booth from a distance. This is possible with radiant illuminated advertising. We can provide you with letters and logos that can be illuminated by up to 360°. The three-dimensional lettering gives a high-quality impression compared to flat printed signs.

Interior design

Logos and advertising boards are used for the interior design of business premises. 3D letters and slogans help your customers to find their way around and, thanks to a precisely chosen color, fit perfectly into your interior design.

Highlight information

Highlighting the most important information, this is the motto at trade fairs and in business premises. The eye first falls on bright colors and objects. Help your customer to find and perceive the most relevant information quickly and easily.

Possible applications of our 3D letters and logos

Illuminated letters

Our 3D letters are suitable for many purposes. You can choose how many sides of the letters should be illuminated. Unlit letters are possible as well.


3D lettering is a cost-effective alternative to 2D logos on light boxes. They enhance your lightbox considerably and are also easy to install afterwards. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions.


Would you like to have a freestanding logo on your conference table? No problem, our letters cut a fine figure from all sides.

Upload logo or desired text!

Upload an image of your logo or text and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Your request is non-binding and free of charge, based on it we will prepare an individual offer for you.